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Why Russia Is Not A Real Threat In The Long Run

Editor's Note: This article was first published in January 2008 and explains how we can understand future events if we know who is who in the Bible. God knew the future of the world when the Bible prophecies were written, and we can understand world events and the coming future when we understand what nations are mentioned in the Bible.

by Robert R. Barney

Russia is rearing it's ugly head. Russia is the Gog and MaGog in your Bible and will play a role in the future, but Russia is never going to become the threat to the world that many fear. Both the King of the North and the King of the South found in Daniel are the key to understanding future world events. This is not to say that Russia or China or even other nations will not go to war and be a menace to the world, but in the total scheme of things, we must watch events in Europe, and the Middle East. One man, Herbert W. Armstrong, repeatedly dared to declare—years ahead of the Soviet Union’s fall—that the USSR was not the power to fear. The real power to watch, according to him, would be another force: a ten-nation “United States of Europe” that would form in the years ahead. He said that Russia would remain a thre at to the world—just not in the way most Westerners thought. Russia would combine economically and militarily with China, he predicted, to eventually create a gargantuan new Asian superpower such as the world has never seen.

We must not lose sight of what is happen in the Arab world and Europe, especially Italy and Germany. World War II was only a foreshadow of the world that is yet to come. Eventually, England will be booted out of the EU and I think will probably join into another economic group comprised of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the USA! France, The Netherlands, Denmark and Scandinavia may also be in this economic union (read What Modern Nations Makeup the LOST TEN TRIBES of ISRAEL. There are some mistakes in this, but the basic principal is correct)

I will have someother eye-opening stories in the coming months about general trends that we should be watching for. Unlike the scam preachers out there, I don't have any idea when the Kingdom of God is coming to Earth. I do know with certainty that it will happen in the future. Our jobs are not to predict when, but to be watching for the signs....

Other Armstrong predictions that came true:

Armstrong made these predictions in 1959 when I was only 4 years old!

CHINA is mentioned in end time prophecies as these “kings of the east”?

In April 1952, even

while West Germany was rebuilding after being bombed to ashes in World War II, Armstrong predicted “Russia may give EastGermany back to the Germans and will be forced to relinquish her control over Hungary, Czechoslovakia and parts of Austria to complete the ten-nation union.” in 1955—over 41/2 decades before Eastern Europe split from the USSR: “Some of the Balkan

nations are going to tear away from behind the Iron Curtain. Russia has lost already, to all appearances, Tito’s Yugoslavia. Russia probably will lose still more of her Eastern European satellites.” In May, 1968—seven years before the unconditional surrender of South Vietnam to communism he stated, “Bible prophecy reveals that not even America, with all of her nuclear muscle, can prevent Southeast Asia from eventually being overrun by communism.”