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Hunt for Alexander's tomb: Greece, Egypt, Persia, India, Broome

Forward by Bob Barney-- Alexander, is the third kingdom mentioned in Daniel. Yes, the Bible predicted Alexander's brutal reign 300 years before it happened. Alexander was one of many AntiChrists who have come into the world scene. The most famnous in this line is he, Nimrod, Ceasars, especially Nero, Napoleon and Hitler. We have more coming and one final King of the North and South, BOTH being AntiChrists.....

Alexander  Alexander the Great, whose tomb has been missing for nearly 2,000 years, could be buried in Broome in Western Australia, a Perth man says.-- Macedonian-born Tim Tutungis told ABC Kimberley that he first heard the 'Broomer' from his old mate, Lou Batalis. "We just got onto the subject of Alexander The Great's tomb, and he said, 'They'll never ever find it, no matter where they look, because Alexander the Great is buried in Broome, in Western Australia'," Mr Tutungis said. "Approximately 50 years ago, some guy went into a cave in Broome and he saw some inscriptions in there and they looked like ancient Greek.

"He reported it to the government, then the government went and saw it and they confirmed there were some inscriptions there. "They went to the Greek community and they asked the community, 'Is there anyone here who can read ancient Greek?' "Naturally Louis Batalis put his hand up and said, 'Yes, I went to school in Egypt, I got educated, I can read it'. So they took him up there and he defined the inscriptions as saying, in ancient Greek, 'Alexander the Great'. "The government did say to him at that time, 'You didn't see this, OK, this never happened'." ...Hunt for Alexander's tomb: Greece, Egypt, Persia, India, Broome-3/21