19 Children Killed at School

Bob Barney: As long as we consider banks, malls, courthouses and everywhere politicians are like the capital and forget protecting our children from gunman, drug dealers, drag queens, queers pedophiles and politicians, then our children will continue to die. Gun Laws are not the answer! PROTECTION with ARMED GUARDS are the answers. Liberalism KILLS!


Texas school shooting: Hero girl shot dead 'as she tried to call 911'

Amerie Jo Garza, a fourth grader at Robb Elementary in the city Uvalde, Texas (centre), was among 19 children under the age of 11 killed in the latest school mass shooting to hit America on Tuesday. Berlinda Irene Arreola, her grandmother, said the 10-year-old was shot dead while trying to call 911 after 18-year-old ‘loner’ Salvador Ramos walked into her classroom armed with a handgun and rifle, told students 'you're going to die', and opened fire. Also killed in the attack were Makenna Lee Elrod, 10 (top left), Uziyah Garcia, nine (bottom left), Xavier Lopez, 10 (second bottom left), Ellie (second top right) and Eliahana Torres, 10 (top right). Two teachers - Eva Mireles, 44 (second bottom right), and Irma Garcia, a mother-of-four (bottom right) - were also killed before a Border Patrol agent shot and killed Ramos. A number of people were also wounded, though the exact figure was not clear as of Tuesday night. Ramos’s grandmother – shot at the start of his rampage amid an argument about his failure to graduate – was alternately reported as in critical condition or dead of her wounds. Parents were desperately appealing on social media for news of their missing children. Police warned the death toll is expected to rise. 


May 22-28, 2022

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'I'm about to...' Chilling message Texas school shooter sent to LA girl he didn't know on


Tucker Carlson of Fox News (video screenshot)








Sanhedrin rabbis gathered in Jerusalem’s Old City . The Sanhedrin, a religious assembly that convened in one of the Holy Temple chambers in Jerusalem, comprised 71 sages and existed during the Tannaitic period, from several decades before the Common Era until roughly 425 C.E. (credit: Flash90)

On Sunday, the World Health Assembly (WHA) will be voting on amendments proposed by the Biden administration scheduled as “Provisional agenda item 16.2”. If passed, the amendments will grant the World Health Organization’s Director-General the power to unilaterally declare health emergencies and decision-making authority over these emergencies, implementing quarantines, lockdowns, mandating vaccines, and passports. 

Many politicians have spoken out against these amendments and last week, the nascent Sanhedrin issued a ruling that if the Israeli government agrees to the agenda item, it will be “null and void from the outset.”

On Sunday, members of the nascent Sanhedrin released statements explaining their opposition to the WHO.

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, the former spokesman of the nascent Sanhedrin, emphasized that the WHO is not the correct body to run an international organization.

“The place for the nations to gather for such issues is in Jerusalem, not in Geneva, and the body to facilitate this is the Sanhedrin,” Rabbi Weiss said. He noted that in 2018, the United Nations Human Rights Council declared that abortions and euthanasia are universal human rights. “As the representative of the 70 nations, the United Nations has an obligation to uphold the Seven Noahide Laws. Abortion and euthanasia violate the prohibition against spilling blood. By allowing, actually mandating murder, the WHO has relinquished its right to represent the nations.”


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Tucker canceled the GOP – so should you

In his June 20, 2020, J'accuse, Tucker Carlson, for all practical purposes, canceled the Republican Party.

Speaking of Riot Summer, Tucker inveighed, in effect: Property was looted, people were beaten and killed, and Republicans joined the side doing the looting, beating and killing. The president of the Heritage Foundation and think tanks on the right betrayed law enforcement and ordinary Americans, calling them racists, ignoring the damage done to their property and person.

Jack Kerwick has been anatomizing just such failures and betrayals dished out by the ConOink establishment for over a decade, writing in January of 2021, of virus-related tyranny, that "the country bequeathed to us by the generation that, in the midst of a smallpox epidemic, fought and defeated the most powerful empire in the world in order to be a self-governing union of sovereign states – subjected itself to a nationwide internment. The United State of America became the Interned States of America as the Constitution of the Old Republic was indefinitely revoked, the economy crushed, and 'the little platoons' – as Burke referred to those buffers between the individual and the State, those forms of community constitutive of civil society and in the absence of which human flourishing would be impossible – were radically undermined. … And all of this occurred in a country with a Republican president, a Republican-controlled Senate, a Supreme Court dominated by Republican appointees, and a majority of whose state legislatures and governors are Republican." [Emphasis added.]


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USA: The socialism-to-communism stage is coming quickly

"Society cannot leap into communism from capitalism without going through a socialist stage of development."

This predictive comment was spoken by Nikita Khrushchev, dictatorial leader of the Soviet Union. It was published by Time magazine in 1959 (Feb. 9, "Russia: Victor's War").

In '59 America's leftists were fawning over an anticipated visit to the United States by Khrushchev.

Once here, his propaganda tour included a speech to the National Press Club in Washington, on Sept. 16, where wanted to clear the air on a previous statement that received much attention in the states: "We will bury capitalism."

"I have already said that the words 'We will bury capitalism' should not be taken literally, as is done by ordinary gravediggers who carry a spade and dig graves and bury the dead," he explained. "What I had in mind was the outlook for the development of human society. Socialism will inevitably succeed capitalism."

Progressives reeled with delight.

Khrushchev ruled the Communist Soviet Union, which included Russia and most of Eastern Europe, from 1953 to 1964. He did so with an iron fist. Political dissidents and all who practiced religion were brutally persecuted.


Rand Paul: America Has to 'Borrow from China' to Send $40 Billion to Ukraine

 i think it s important to know that we don t have any money to send   paul said© press

'I think it's important to know that we don't have any money to send,' Paul said

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said that the United States has to borrow money from communist China to send Ukraine $40 billion in aid.

So not only is the Biden administration sending money to a foreign country in the midst of skyrocketing inflation and looming food shortages, but they are also getting themselves into debt with a growing superpower.

As the Senate remains poised to pass legislation that would send $40 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine, Paul has contended the package needs an inspector general to ensure that the billions of dollars are spent wisely.

Paul states that America would need to continue borrowing from China to appropriate the proposed Ukraine aid package.


The New Virus to be on the lookout - Monkey Pox

Dr Amesh Adalja, from John Hopkins University, said patients were infectious for as long as they had symptoms including skin lesions. Virus can be passed on by touch or via the air.

Many cases have been detected in gay and bisexual men, with scientists saying it is possible the virus was passed on sexually.

In Spain — which has detected 30 cases, the most out of any nation — infections are being linked to a single un-named 'sauna' and are among young gay and bisexual men. In the country, sauna is slang for a place where men who have sex with other men meet for sex, rather than a bathhouse. 

What is monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a rare viral infection which people usually pick up in the tropical areas of west and central Africa.

It is usually spread through direct contact with animals such as squirrels, which are known to harbour the virus.

However, it can also be transmitted through very close contact with an infected person.

Monkeypox was first discovered when an outbreak of a pox-like disease occurred in monkeys kept for research in 1958.

The first human case was recorded in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the infection has been reported in a number of central and western African countries since then.

Only a handful of cases have been reported outside of Africa until now and they were confined to people with travel links to the continent.

How deadly is it?

Monkeypox is usually mild, with most patients recovering within a few weeks without treatment. Yet, the disease can prove fatal.

However it can kill up to 10 per cent of people it infects.

The milder strain causing the current outbreak kills one in 100 — similar to when Covid first hit.

Pictured above are the monkeypox symptoms that infected people suffer up to 21 days after being infected
Pictured above are the monkeypox symptoms that infected people suffer up to 21 days after being infected

Finland Prepares for War

Inspired by past heroics against Red Army , Finns are buying rifles and plan to teach

White Death was the haunting and inspiring alias of Simo Hayha, one of the most prolific marksmen in military history. Finns are now finding inspiration in the slayer of the Red Army. Shrouded in the white, hooded snowsuit that gave him his sinister soubriquet, this ace Finnish sniper, who had honed his craft by hunting animals in the woods where he was raised, would crouch in crevices, or holes he dug in the thick snow. That he was just 5 ft 2 in tall made it easier for him to hide.

Putin ALA Hitler in Bunker

Professor MARK GALEOTTI examines the madness and paranoia inside Vladimir Putin's isolated

Professor Mark Galeotti lived on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, one of the wide, radial roads that leads into central Moscow — and the favoured route of President Vladimir Putin’s (middle) motorcade to the Kremlin. The Russian leader has always been security conscious, but today, on the losing side of his 'special military operation' in Ukraine (left) he is more paranoid than ever. Galeotti tells Daily Mail it is impossible not to be reminded of Adolf Hitler’s (bottom right) last days, when a war he started was also going against him. The Russian president's enemies are not at the gates of Moscow as Hitler’s were in Berlin, but there are parallels in both leaders’ refusal to listen to counsel, and their insistence on micro-managing military manoeuvres despite not having the experience to do so. Putin’s defence minister Sergei Shoigu, 66, (top right) who is widely regarded as the great political survivor of Russian politics since the fall of the Soviet Union, is being seen less rarely with the president, leading to speculation that he is lined up to be the fall guy for military failures.

Bill Maher suggests kids are coming out as trans is because it's 'trendy'

Bill Maher suggests kids are coming out as trans is because it's 'trendy' and being gay 'is not hip enough' anymore in monologue slamming LGBTQ supporters for 'experimenting on children' with hormone blocks and gender reassignment surgery 

Bill Maher accused kids of coming out as trans is because it's 'trendy' and because being gay 'is not hip enough', on Friday's Real Time.

Maher, 66, who often draws the ire of both conservatives and liberals on his long-running show, largely went after the transgender part of that acronym in his editorial.

He began by noting the polls show the number of Americans identifying as LGBTQ has doubled with each passing generation, joking that 'if we follow this trajectory, we will all be gay in 2054.'

Maher then asked if people are allowed to see those increases and ask: 'What's up with that?'

'It wasn't that long ago that when adults asked children what they wanted to be when they grew up, 'They meant what profession,' Maher said.

Commentator Bill Maher dedicated the end of his 'New Rules' segment on Friday's edition of HBO's Real Time to the rising numbers of LGBTQ Americans, which he went as far as to suggest was 'trendy'
Commentator Bill Maher dedicated the end of his 'New Rules' segment on Friday's edition of HBO's Real Time to the rising numbers of LGBTQ Americans, which he went as far as to suggest was 'trendy'

He then pivoted to suggest that the number of LGBTQ Americans had risen so sharply, a recent ACLU finding claimed abortion rights bans would affect LGBTQ people more than cisgender women giving birth.    

Bill Maher suggests kids are coming out as trans is because it's 'trendy' and being gay 'is not hip enough' anymore in monologue slamming LGBTQ supporters for 'experimenting on children' with hormone blocks and gender reassignment surgery