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July 4, 1826

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Requiem for an American President


The celebration of our Nation's 50th birthday was saddened this day in history by the death of our second president, John Adams. It was the eloquent Adams who had so persuasively defended Thomas Jefferson's DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE before the Continental Congress in 1776, ultimately leading to the birth of this new Nation. It may have been the last time Adams and Jefferson agreed on anything.

Jefferson's Declaration was born on June 7, 1776, when Virginia delegate Richard Henry Lee laid before the Congress a resolution calling for the 13 colonies to be "free and independent states, absolved of all allegiance to the British crown." Moderates argued against the historic resolution, pointing out that the middle colonies of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware were undecided about complete separation of the colonies from crown rule. By day's end there was little consensus, but members of the delegation appointed a five-man committee to draft a declaration of independence for consideration at the July 1st meeting.

The task of drafting the declaration should have fallen to elder statesman Benjamin Franklin, but his illness precluded a timely completion of the task. The task then should have fallen to Adams, who argued instead that Jefferson should write it. Jefferson at first attempted to defer to Adams until, in frustration, the Massachusetts delegate grudgingly stated, "You are 10 times the writer I am." Thus, Jefferson prepared the draft with suggestions for revisions coming from both Franklin and Adams. The finished document was presented to the Second Continental Congress on June 28th. As a poor speaker, Jefferson's written work impressed the Assembly despite some reservations. The more eloquent Adams vigorously defended the work which was adopted on July 2nd. That evening Adams wrote his thoughts on the new declaration to his wife stating in part: "The second day of July 1776 will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival."

Actually, Adams was two days off. Editing of the document continued until it was formally approved by 12 of the 13 colonies on July 4th. (The New York delegation abstained from the vote but approved the Declaration five days later.) On August 2nd the 53 delegates present signed the document, and the 3 absent members subsequently added their names. Among the 56 signers were both of the men most responsible for the Declaration's existence, Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

From that point forward the clashes between Adams and Jefferson were widely known. During Adam's two terms as vice president under George Washington, more than one conflict arose between him and Secretary of State Jefferson. As a Federalist, Adams found his political views quite at odds with the man who would become the leader of the rival Democratic-Republicans. When Washington left the Presidency the battle for a successor was bitterly fought between Vice President Adams and Secretary Jefferson. Adams defeated Jefferson by a 3-vote margin (71-68 electoral votes), becoming our second president. That bitter campaign was renewed in 1800 when Jefferson defeated Adams to become our third President. So intense was their rivalry that, on the day of Jefferson's inauguration Adams was carriage-bound out of the new Capitol City when the new president assumed office. The recent death of his son in New York provided a convenient excuse not to attend the inauguration of the incoming president. Jefferson served two terms as President after defeating the incumbent Adams, then retired to his home in Monticello. Meanwhile from his retirement farm in Quincy, Massachusetts Adams began to write long and elaborate letters to his old adversary. A grudging admiration for each other may have developed in their later years. Nonetheless, Adams always proclaimed that, though Jefferson was 7 years younger than himself...

 "I will outlive Jefferson."

On his death bed on Independence Day, 1826 John Adams uttered his last words,"Thomas Jefferson survives." 

It is rumored that upon Adam's death the messenger dispatched to carry the news to Jefferson's Virginia home actually passed a second messenger dispatched from THAT site to Adam's home, that was also bearing sad tidings. 

Just a few hours earlier Thomas Jefferson had passed away…. both architects of the document that gave birth to this new Nation died 50 years to the day from the birth of the country they founded.



In 1831 James Monroe, our Nation's 5th President, also died on the 4th of July. In 1850 our 12th President, Zachary Taylor participated on July 4th activities at the Washington monument. It was a blistery day, and the president became quite ill. He died five days later on July 9th.

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Former Pfizer Exec Believes Leaky Vaccine Was Intentional

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, ©2022

(Jul. 2, 2022) — Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a former vice-president and chief scientific adviser for the drug company Pfizer and founder and CEO of the biotech company Ziarco, now owned by Novartis, has become one of the most prominent critics of COVID mandates and COVID-19 shots. In this riveting interview with British radio presenter Maajid Nawaz, he shares why he believes that the narratives around COVID-19 are false and were put into place deliberately to exert control over society.

Yeadon is uniquely positioned to speak on this topic, as he has degrees in biochemistry and toxicology, and studied respiratory pharmacology. You have likely seen Yeadon being interviewed many times previously, but I strongly encourage you to watch this one as he explains items I have never heard him previously discuss. He is one of the sharpest guys out there in this area and you will be glad you took the time to listen.

In the film, he says: “So, I understand … inside of cells and how cells and tissues talk to each other, and how dangerous chemicals can affect and injure humans and others.”1 Not only does Yeadon explain why COVID-19 shots aren’t effective, but he details why using spike protein in the vaccine was one of the most diabolical mistakes made.

“First,” Yeadon says, “you’ve been lied to about the magnitude of the threat represented by this entity called SARS-CoV-2 and the disease COVID-19. Been lied to about that, in every way, shape and form … the bottom line is, we’ve been lied to and it’s deliberate, and they knew it, and no action was needed whatsoever, other than if you’re sick, stay home.”2 Further, the wheel may have been set into motion in 2009, during the swine flu pandemic.

The 2009 Swine Flu Was the Final Dress Rehearsal for COVID...... Read More

Travel News: The 50 best beaches in the world

The 50 best beaches in the world for 2022 revealed

The ultimate inspiration for your next beach holiday has arrived. An annual ranking of the 50 best beaches in the world reveals 2022's top strips of sand - and they are truly drool-worthy. The top spot goes to Playa Conchal in Costa Rica, a tiny beach covered in crushed seashells that's described as 'paradise'. Turquoise Bay in Australia - offering a 'truly blissful beach experience' - comes second, while 'pristine' Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos is third. Also making the top five are Florida's Siesta Beach (fourth) and Punta Mosquito in Mexico (fifth). The top-ranking British Isles beach is Cornwall's Pedn Vounder. Its 'crystal-clear blue water and white sand' propels it into eighth place, with Keem Bay in Ireland coming 19th.   

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Why America is So Special- July 4th Weekend...

This is an updated version of an older story on why America is so special, along with Great Britain and Canada.  It's a story of our national identity!

Someone once asked me, "Bob how can you say in one breath that God has little to nothing to do with this world, then say that the USA is one of the lost nations of Israel? You also say that if we do not obey God, our nation will be utterly destroyed by H
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I am quite sure that many have asked themselves the same question and let me assure you that there is an easy answer! God was totally involved in our world in the days of Adam and Eve. He (One of the divine Godhead that became Jesus) personally walked with them, talked with them, instructed them in how to live a godly lifestyle and have life forever. God had every intention to be involved in our lives from the start, just as any human parent has those same plans with their children.

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