5 Signs to Look for in the End Times

Forward by Bob Barney:

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Prophecy One: America’s Death Knell

Knowing the identity of nations is the key to understanding end-time prophecy. (You can have this key by requesting a free copy of Herbert Armstrong’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy.) Old Testament prophecies, for example, spring to life when we understand that the termIsrael is referring to modern-day America and the British Commonwealth.

The entire chapter of Ezekiel 33 is a tragic prophecy about Israel’s downfall. In verse 11, God laments the destruction of these people, saying “turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?”

The Prophet Hosea saw a similar fate for the United States and Britain (Ephraim). “And the pride of Israel doth testify to his face: therefore, shall Israel and Ephraim fall in their iniquity; Judah also shall fall with them” (Hosea 5:5). The Prophet Jeremiah also spoke of a time of unprecedented trouble in Jacob (also Israel, or the United States). “Alas! for that day is great,” he wrote, “so that none is like it: it is even thetime of Jacob’s trouble …” (Jeremiah 30:7).

According to each of these prophecies, we know it is the end time when the United States is stripped of its power and global supremacy and is overrun by its enemies. President Obama’s speech in Cairo was a sure warning that we now live in that time!

Curses-deut-28As one commentator noted in the London Times, he became the first Western leader since Napoleon to address Islam as a single bloc, thus legitimizing the Islamic extremist view that the world should be divided along religious lines. In his 54-minute, 6,000-word address, not once did the president use the word terrorism. His administration has carefully avoided using the term war on terror—opting instead for the obscurely worded “overseas contingency operation.” His repeated attempts to extend an olive branch to Iran and the rest of the Islamic world send an unmistakably clear signal to America’s enemies: The terrorists are winning. And they know it.

Jeffrey Kuhner, president of the Edmund Burke Institute, wrote about the global significance of the Cairo speech. “It will be remembered as the pivotal moment in history when the United States ceased to be a superpower,” he wrote. “Sapped of its self-confidence and sense of grandiose destiny, America chose the policy of appeasement over confrontation, lies over truth, illusion over reality” (Washington Times, June 13, emphasis mine throughout).

America’s position in the world, ideologically, morally, economically and geopolitically—especially in relation to radical Islam—has been declining for years. Obama’s capitulation in Cairo was a very public sign that America lacks the moral clarity to discern good and evil and the mental willpower to stand up against tyranny.

America’s enemies recognize weakness when they see it. The president’s overtures in Cairo, as sincere as they might be, will not result in better U.S.-Islamic relations, nor bring the people of the world together in peace. Instead, for all of his trouble, as Asia Times opined, the president will get “more megalomania from Iran, more triumphalism from the Palestinians, and less control over Iraq and Afghanistan. … It is hard to imagine any consequence except a steep diminution of American influence” (June 2).

Prophecy Two: The Rise of the King of the South


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Ponder this! The Earth is spinning faster ~ The year is getting shorter!

By Bob Barney

360 day year

When the Earth was formed, the year had twelve 30-day months and was exactly 360 days long.  Today the Earth's year is 365 and a 1/4 days long.  The Plain Truth is that God's year is still comprised of twelve 30-day months.  Will the Earth's year mysteriously slow back down to 360 days?

The Earth is moving faster than it ever has in the last 50 years scientists have discovered and could result in a ‘negative leap second’ being added to the year.

The speed of the Earth’s rotation is affected by a number of factors; that includes the motion of its molten core, oceans, and atmosphere.

June 29 was 1.59 milliseconds shorter than the average day according to EarthSky. The shortened day is the "latest in a series of record-breaking speed records for our home planet since around 2020", the outlet noted.

The earth year used to be shorter, in fact only 360 days, and The Plain Truth believes that possibly the flood of Noah's time was the cause of the earth slowing down.  We can see potential evidence of this in all of the calendars from different cultures around the world as they had switched from 360 days to 365 days around the same time. 

Abraham used the 360-day year which was known in Ur, the city he came from. The Genesis account of the flood in the days of Noah illustrated this 360-day year by recording the 150-day interval till the waters abated from the earth. In other words, it indicates a 5-month period as being exactly 150 days in length, or five 30-day months.

The fact that the prophets understood a year as 360 days is well attested. God created the sun to mark the seasons and years and He made the moon to mark the days. There are 354.37 days in a lunar year (of 12 moons/months), and 365.24 days in a solar year; together they average 360 days.

So, are we seeing evidence that the earth will again have a 360-day year?  I personally think so - in fact it may be even before Christ's return (See Revelation 11). It appears that the last 42 months, or 3 1/2 years will comprise of only 1260 days... that is forty-two 30-day months...

Just something to ponder from The Plain Truth.

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Pence urges GOP to stop attacking FBI, ex-VP may testify at Jan. 6 committee ~ By Joe Kovacs the Author of 'Reaching God Speed'

'It would be unprecedented in history'

President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence participate in a roundtable with stakeholders positively impacted by law enforcement Monday, July 13, 2020, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Tia Dufour)

President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence participate in a roundtable with stakeholders positively impacted by law enforcement Monday, July 13, 2020, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Tia Dufour)

Donald Trump, Dynasty Killer: 2023 Will Mean No More Bush, Cheney, McCain, or Clinton in Office

The era of Donald Trump has brought a great many changes to the political world since 2016, and the year 2023 will be no different – the dynasties of Bush, Cheney, McCain, and Clinton will hold no quarter in either statewide or national office.

DALLAS, TEXAS - AUGUST 06: Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Hilton Anatole on August 06, 2022 in Dallas, Texas. CPAC began in 1974, and is a conference that brings together and hosts conservative organizations, activists, and world leaders in discussing …

With the defeat of Liz Cheney in the Wyoming Republican congressional primary on Tuesday, the franchise dynasties that have dominated the U.S. political landscape going all the way back to the 1970s came to a crashing halt.

Whether or not the Republican Party takes control of Congress in November’s mid-term election, come January 23, there will be no politician by name of Bush, Cheney, McCain, or Clinton in the halls of Congress, the White House, or even on the state level.

In Texas, for instance, George P. Bush, despite his best efforts to court the Trump vote, will end his term as the state land commissioner, effectively ending the Bush dynasty until it strikes a political comeback.

In decades past, there were few political dynasties in Texas as unstoppable as the Bush family name with a solid legacy stretching all the way back to the 1960s. In the age of Trump, the name’s staying power has definitely waned, and George P. Bush became the latest casualty earlier this year when he lost to Ken Paxton in the Texas Attorney General race.



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August 14-20
News Stories from Around the World:

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The 6th Month in God's Year

By Bob Barney



Six is preparation day for the Sabbath Rest – a day of man and the double blessing of manna.   Nisan, the month of Passover, is the first month and Elul is the sixth month of “preparation” for the high holy days in the seventh month of Tishri.   This 6th month is placed between the two great sins past and the coming judgment future.  The 6th month Elul follows the Golden Calf incident (Idolatry) in 4th month of Tammuz and the 12 Spies evil report in the 5th month of Av. (Faithless Unbelief) The future Trumpets and Atonement follow in 7th month of Tishri when judgment comes.

One derivation of the word “Elul” means “search” or “inspect”, alluding to the nature of our task during this month.  Another rabbinical interpretation of “Elul”: “Elul” means “returned with,” specifically with those Jews who returned to Israel after the 70-year Exile in Babylonia/Repentance. It is this meaning that ties to the Temple rebuilding of the month of Elul, as well as Gods commands to Haggai during the month of Elul.

This month Elul, whose constellation is the Maiden, commonly called Virgo, is set aside for Repentance or spiritual return.  Rebecca is the first one called in scripture as a “Betulah” a virgin – whom no man had known.  In Genesis 24:16. The First mention in scripture of anything defines its use and meaning. This first mention of a future bride of Isaac, a type of Messiah, holds huge significance for the church today. Our theology was written in Genesis and the Gentile bride of the Messiah was no mystery.

The scripture that the sages related to the Maiden is “…Return, O Maiden of Israel, return to these cities of yours!” (Jeremiah 31:20)   The call to the virgin is Go back – the road markers will point out where she left the path and guide her back to her beloved. Jer 31 v 21 Set up for yourself road marks, Place for yourself guideposts; Direct your mind to the highway, the way by which you went. Return, O virgin of Israel, Return to these your cities.

Repentance and Selichot

This ritual for the new moon (month) of Elul incorporates the practice of blowing the shofar (ram’s horn) during Elul.  The blowing shofar is a wake-up call to sleepers, designed to rouse us from our complacency. It is a call to repentance. As the month of Elul draws to a close, the mood of repentance becomes more urgent. Prayers for forgiveness called Selichot are added to religious services.  The entire community, including men, women and older children, attend the first Selichot service, and the rabbi gives a sermon.

A fundamental part of the Selichot service is the recitation of the “Thirteen Attributes,” a list of God’s thirteen attributes of mercy that were revealed to Moses after the sin of the golden calf (Ex 34:6-7): Lord [1], The Lord [2], God [3], merciful [4], and gracious [5], long-suffering [6], abundant in goodness [7] and truth [8], keeping mercy unto the thousandth generation [9], forgiving iniquity [10] and transgression [11] and sin [12], who cleanses [13].

Occurrences of the A-L-V-L (Elul) in Scripture

The letters are Aleph – Lamed -Vav– Lamed Occur 4x as acrostics and 1x as a named month. What starts out as a lesson in Repentance in Torah ends with union and restoration with the King in Song of Songs.

Repentance/deliverance from sin nature

1)  Deut 30:6 And the LORD thy God will circumcise thy heart, and the heart of thy seed, to love the LORD thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, that thou mayest live.  Those 4 words start with E-L-U-L and the context is of a time after God drove Israel into the nations. A new nature is promised them and we are partakers through Yeshua of that promise when we are given a new heart. He did not come to make bad men good but make dead men live.

Repentance/deliverance for unintentional sin

2)  Ex 21:13 And if a man lie not in wait, but God deliver him into his hand; then I will appoint thee a place whither he shall flee.  E-L-U-L spelt again. (A reference to the cities of refuge established for the unintentional man slaughterer – forgiveness for unintentional sin. The Cities of refuge are an escape of the coming wrath and judgment, so repentance is an escape of judgment. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” …. are the words that transform the murder of our Savior into manslaughter. So, we have the opportunity to repent and flee to Him our City of refuge, for He is our refuge.  Soon He is to return as the Avenger of blood.

Reconciliation between an errant Bride and the King of the Harvest

3) The name of the month (spelled ELUL = Alef-Lamed-Vav-Lamed) is said to be an acronym of “Ani l’dodi v’dodi li,” “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine,” a quote from Song of Songs 6:3.  In Aramaic (the vernacular of the Jewish people at the time that the month names were adopted), the word “Elul” means “search,” which is appropriate, because this is a time of year we should seek Him, while He may be found.

The whole book of the Song of Songs is about the King in the field//harvest and a sleepy bride who needs to repent and come to work with Him in a summer harvest. This is the month that the “King is in His field” and can be approached before He is on His throne and court is in session. For too soon comes the fall judgments – The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved. Jer.8v20. Notice the summer is the grain harvest and, in the fall, God will turn His attention to Israel, that vineyard and the fig tree which He planted.

This is the time when the Eternal King leaves the heavenly throne and descends to inspect this world. This is the period when we are closest to God, and God is most receptive to our prayers. We look to the words of the prophet Isaiah, who said, “Seek God when He is at hand; Call upon Him when He is near” (Is 55:6).

The King is in His field – The month is described as preparation for the divine coronation on the Feast of Trumpets: It is like a king who, before he enters the city, the people of the city go out to greet him in the field. There, everyone who so desires is permitted to meet him; he receives them all with a cheerful countenance and shows a smiling face to them all. And when he goes to the city, they follow him there. Later, however, after he enters his royal palace, none can enter into his presence except by appointment, and only special people and select individuals. So, too, by analogy, the month of Elul is when we meet God in the field.

Also, during Elul, Psalm 27 is recited after prayers in the synagogue. “A psalm of David – the Lord is my light and my salvation… for he will hide me in his tent.” ((During up the coming judgment)) By implication we need to have already found light and salvation to be hidden in His tent during judgment.

4) Then Moses and the Israelites sang this song to the Lord. They said: I will sing = E L UL in the Hebrew. (Exodus 15:1)   Purpose for Israel’s deliverance was to worship God! (Ex. 7:16; 8:1; 8:20; 9:1; 9:13)  So after the Baptism//Repentance of Israel into the sea and coming out of and the separation from Egypt (the world) they broke out in song and worship.  

 I often mention that God's calendar is NOT like any other calendar on earth today.  It is not the Roman calendar that we follow, or the equally pagan Jewish calendar that many churches believe is the calendar of God.  To read more about God's Calendar click here .  There is a mistake that those who follow a Jewish calendar has made, and that refers to the word for new moon.  That is a mistranslation, as the proper rendering should be NEW MONTH, as I did in The Plain Truth's Red Letter Bible.

The Hebrew word 'chodesh', which is Strong's Exhaustive Concordance simply means "new" or to "rebuild." Chodesh does not mean "new moon". It means 'new' with an implication that a month is about to begin again.

Originally, when the earth had a perfect 360-day rotation around the sun, and the moon's journey around the earth was exactly 30 days (today it is 29.5 days), new moons where on the new months. The calendar was in balance. However, probably after the flood, the weight of water slowed the earth rotational spin (this is NOT mentioned in the Bible) to 365.25 days a year and the moon's rotation to the present one of 29.5 days.

The ancients noticed that the months were no longer 30 days, and the years were not 360 days, but now over 365. A calendar needed to be made to reflect this. Egypt made the first perfect calendar, one Moses was very familiar with, which had 12 - 30-day months and then 5 days at the end of the year that did not count. This is also seen in Enoch's calendar (see illustration on left). God's calendar was like the Egyptian one except that year no longer started on the first day of summer, but on the first day of spring. Springtime is the birth of the new year in nature, as morning is the start of the day as well. The term for new moon became "new month" as the new moons and new months no longer matched up. This is not hard to conceive as the English word for month comes from moon! Yet our months have nothing to do with new moons! The same applies to God's calendar.

Tucker Carlson: Biden is using law enforcement to cling to power

Here are the essential facts'

The Daily Signal

Fox News host Tucker Carlson eviscerated the Biden administration Monday night for using law enforcement to target its political adversaries, most recently with the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home.

“This could get very bad, very fast and the Biden people know that perfectly well,” Carlson told viewers. “They know what could happen if they continue down this path of using law enforcement to cling to power. But they don’t care because they’re facing a repudiation from voters and they’re desperate and they’ll do anything but at what cost? Pray they pull back before it’s too late.”

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This is Why Democrats Are Not Worried about 2020 — The Fix Is In… Postal Service Institutionalizes Ballot Interference Scheme with New Mail-in Ballot Division

A Detroit postal worker illegally stuffing the ballot drop boxes with votes.

By Jim Hoft

Democrats just passed a $700 spending bill — during a recession — with record 8.6% inflation.

The new spending bill will force middle class Americans to pay $20 billion more in taxes. The bill will create 87,000 new IRS agents to harass Americans and target their political enemies.

And Democrats did all of this less than three months before an election.

Democrats are NOT worried about the midterms.

TRENDING: This is Why Democrats Are Not Worried about 2020 -- The Fix Is In... Postal Service Institutionalizes Ballot Interference Scheme with New Mail-in Ballot Division

The fix is in.

A major part of their election scheme is the work done by the US postal service with mail-in ballots.


Breaking News: Wyoming Republicans Throw Liz Cheney Out of Congress

UPDATE: Liz Cheney's Concession Speech May Have Violated Campaign Finance Rules (breitbart.com)

Cheney’s obsession with Trump not only antagonized members of her own party on Capitol Hill but also sank her in Wyoming

House Select Committee Investigating January 6 Attack On US Capitol Holds First Hearing

TRISTAN JUSTICE - The Federalist

Wyoming voters ended Rep. Liz Cheney’s congressional career on Tuesday night, nominating Trump-endorsed attorney Harriet Hageman instead for the at-large seat in the deep-red state this November ney, a three-term incumbent, lost after the congresswoman was overwhelmingly kicked from her number three role in House leadership as chair of the Republican conference. The Wyoming lawmaker traded her influential perch in GOP leadership for a lead act spearheading the Democrats’ latest anti-Trump crusade in the form of the Select Committee on Jan. 6, on which Cheney is vice chair.

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